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British English dictionaries for


The objective of this project is to develop and maintain a top quality English dictionary for use with, the premier open source software office suite. is available for a wide range of different computing platforms and a large number of different languages.


Latest Dictionaries

British English, 30th November 2006, R 1.20 (240kB) Considered fairly stable now.
OED English, 13th June 2005, R 1.19 (240kB) Beta, but based on 1.19 of British English.

Tools and Utilities

Multiplatform OOo dictionary installer. Written as OOo macros
OOo dictionary installer for linux. Project home
OOo dictionary installer for Microsoft Windows. OOo dic installer
The OOo lingucomponent resource page. OOo lingucomponent page Maintained by Kevin Hendricks. The en_GB dictionary available from this page lags the status of the ones here, but as new stable versions are released they are submitted for inclusion. The en_GB-oed dictionary is not yet available here.

Dictionary "Sources"

Full word list as used in the British English dictionary. (340kB) This is the word list as used in the en_GB dictionary R 1.20, 30/11/2006.
Full word list as used in the OED English dictionary. (340kB) This is the word list as used in the en_GB-oed dictionary R 1.19, 13/06/05.
Fully commented affix file. enGB.aff (70kB) This is the commented affix file as used in the en_GB dictionary R 1.20, 30/11/2006.
Description of affix file format. affDescription.txt (5kB) Notes describing the format of the en_GB.aff file.

Manual Installation

To manually install the dictionary, simply unzip the file into the directory containing the en_US dictionary files. You may need to manually add the requisite lines for en_GB in the dictionary.lst file. That's all there is to it. Restart OOo and you should have access to the new dictionary. The OOo lingucomponent web site contains detailed information for manual installation of dictionaries.

How to submit bug reports or corrections

We are keen to hear of any bugs or errors that you discover. Please report them to David Bartlett (email details are in the README file with the dictionary package). Simply jot down a description in an email and send it to me.

If you are willing to help with checking of the word list, we'd be thrilled to have your assistance. It is best to work with the full word list in this case. Please see the Editorial Guidelines and Borderline Words list for more information.

Copyright © 2006 David Bartlett, Pyxidium Limited.